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72 Gallon Bow Front Reef Tank



  In this profile we will see the growth of a beautiful reef tank that was installed in Seaford, NY.   
  It began with a cherry stained solid stand and canopy made by Oceanic.  The tank is a 72 gallon bow front, pre-drilled with a standard overflow made by all-glass aquariums.  Inside the canopy are two 175 watt metal halides and 2 54 watt T5 actinics.  The light fixture is made by coralvue.   
  The sump was custom tailored by E.T.S.S. The tank drains into a filter sock on the left.  Water is pumped into the protein skimmer and drains into the section on the right, that was later turned into a refugium.  A phosban reactor is hanging on the left side of the sump.  Water is returned back to the tank via a mag 9.5.  
  After the tank ran for a few weeks, fresh Tonga live rock was added.  
  Here is the tank just a few months old with fish and corals thriving.