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At Island Reefs we understand that every aquarium has different needs.  Each case will be evaluated and adjusted to find a routine that is best for the customer and of course the welfare of the livestock under our care. 

Our service may include:

  • Cleaning the glass, interior and exterior

  • Water change

  • Cleaning decorations 

  • Testing water    

  • Vacuum detritus from the gravel

  • Empty and clean protein skimmer cup

  • Clean tank covers and remove salt deposits 

  • Change chemical filtration media

  • Clean or replace mechanical filter pads or cartridges

  • Water polishing as needed

  • Inspect health of livestock

  • Inspection of all equipment

  • Advisement on livestock, food, additives, possible improvements, and between visit routines

  • Free e-mail and phone consultation between visits

  • Handpicked fish, coral, and invertebrates at discount prices

  • Emergency visits (additional cost)

  • Referral discount



Prices vary as much as aquariums setups do.  In order to be fair and competitive you will be given a personal quote.  Contact us for a free evaluation. 

Visits start at around $75 for a basic setup and go up from there for more intricate setups. 




For more information or to schedule an evaluation you can E-mail IslandReefs@gmail.com or call Tom at 516-343-3412.